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Highlighting for JS, XHTML, and Wasm
under review
ES6/ES2015 JavaScript modules, which use the extension .mjs, should be highlighted like that of the ancient .js file extension. I've used the .mjs extension outside of Repl, and have used plenty of web apps that finally do too, but Repl doesn't highlight it at all, really discouraging it's usage. XHTML files (extension: .xhtml) should be highlighted like that of .xml, not .html, as the highlighting for .html is severely broken. Also, it's a subset of XML, and has XML features, so .html highlighting makes no sense, but .html auto-complete would be nice, as .xml doesn't have any at all. WebAssembly files (extension: .wasm) are binary files, why are they highlighted!? If there's a good reason, then I'll let it be, but the editor crashes upon editing them anyways, so it seems useless. And no one is about to edit a binary file by hand :/ This was not fixed in the issue that it was later merged into: , as a matter of fact, that issue was not fixed at all, yet marked as such. Also, JavaScript (.js) files are not given intellisense anymore, and their highlighting is broken. And lastly, inline modules are not highlighted in (X)HTML documents. Attached are examples of everything listed, out of order. Proper order: Bad .js highlighting No .wat highlighting No inline module highlighting No module highlighting Bad .xhtml highlighting No .xhtml highlighting .wasm highlighting (is this intentional, if so, why?)
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