## Expected Behavior
When I create files from the command line, I would expect to see them in the file tree.
## Current Behavior
Currently, files created from the command line are not appearing in the file tree.
## Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a REPL based on any language.
2. <kbd>F1</kbd> and
Open Shell
3. At the command line,
touch hello.txt
to prove that the file exists.
5. Verify that it does not appear in the file tree.
## Detailed Description
This is an absolute dealbreaker for any framework that involves generating boilerplate code, e.g. creating migration files in Rails.
The issue was first reported[^1] on March 13, 2018, with an update promised on August 27, 2018 but none provided.
Can you let us know if this is a WONTFIX? If so, then we can make other plans. Thanks very much!