Autosave is awesome, but it generates too much records. My little 10-lines python file has over 90!

And the latest is the last, I had to press "Show more" 10 times. And this is for 20-minutes old file!

History should start from the latest changes and grow backward. First versions are mostly of no interest.

Another thought: "revision #13 3 hours ago" is too uninformative. May be some diff should popup on mouse hover or something. Or at least allow user to rename history records.

Finally, may be a lot of sequential history records should be merged into bigger one (for example, a lot of editings for a single line). EG

sla.pascal(10, 'lower').do

sla.pascal(10, 'lower').dot()

sla.pascal(10, 'lower').dot(sla.pascal(10, 'upper'))

It's real world example! Too many details to store and to search later.