This would be a huge undertaking given the spectrum of languages, but it would really open possibilities educationally to be able to import 3rd party packages from the web (or even just Github).

I'm imagining something in the Project feature that would allow a teacher to create the project/ assignment and specify a url where a package repo could be accessed. The package would then automatically be preloaded when students create a session within the project.


Teaching python, want to use Could make the project, specify the rg module's github repo. Student creates their assignment submission session and are able to import rg because I've made the repo a part of the project.

You could even build in a travis-like system that tests the repo integrity before it is brought into the project so that only stable code gets made available for import.

Eventually, I could see a teacher like myself creating a repo on Github containing of a variety of packages in a "toolbox" for each course I teach, then I would just specify my repo on all projects and know that students have access to all the tools they 'normally' would.... like in a real dev env.