Restructure the URLs to allow for a permanent unchangeable link to that repl (unless of course the repl gets deleted). Also, to maintain the title in the URL you could optionally add text after the <repl id> (similarly to how stackoverflow handles titles.)
URL Scheme change:
changes to:
changes to:
& then which ever link is clicked, as long as it starts with<repl-id> it redirects to the correct repl.
There wouldn't be as much pressure to name the repl the "right" thing. (As you may know, naming is one of the hardest parts of programming.)
It would allow more confidence when embedding/sharing repels on sites or forums since you don't have to worry about the owner renaming it & the link dying.
Shorter URLs
The URLs wouldn't look as nice.
In any event, I really love Thanks so much for your time, I'd be happy to talk more about this idea!
~Aaron N. Brock