Hello. Recently I was kicked from my own team because we used the teams before they were released and repl.it set everyone as an admin. Anyways, here are a few roles I think would be nice:
  • Editor: Can only edit repls, cannot create/delete repls
  • Maintainer: Can create repls and delete them
  • Admin: Can add and remove other people and also change user features
  • Owner: Admin privileges + delete team
Looking at others' feedback, an alternative would be to have unique roles:
  • Users can create their own roles, like on discord.
  • The aforementioned roles would preexist.
  • They would be able to toggle on/off these permissions:
- Multiplayer Chat
- Create Repls
- Delete Repls
- Edit Repls
- Invite Others
- Kick Others
- Create Roles
- Delete Roles
Alright. Please upvote so I can get admin back please!